Your pet could undoubtedly be your best companion and definitely deserves much care and the finest treatment. Remember the dog offers a full line of dog’s clothes designed to make your pooch’s life more comfortable and fun with a dash of chic. While you love and care for your dog, good apparel and relaxed clothing that provide a functional value besides enhancing your dog’s style quotient. Dog clothes may not be an absolute essential, but ensuring that your dog is clad in a cosy wear could protect his body from environmental elements. Especially, during winters, your pooch should have his own pet sweater or jacket. During monsoons, it’s a good idea to have a raincoat ready for protecting your dog from showers. Water-proof footwear is also available for pets that can help protect your dog’s feet from experiencing sludgy walks.

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Choose the appropriate apparel for your dog:

There may not be an ideal way to get your pooch wrapped, but depending on your dog’s characteristics and likeness, you may wish to choose the best fitting snug-fit for your doggy. offers an assorted range of basic and designer apparel, available in all sizes that can dress your doggie with the necessary comfort and perfect style that you are seeking as a doggie custodian.

From formal wear costumes to tracksuits, you can find any doggy outfit to grace a special occasion or weather. If you like taking your dog out for a swim, you may pick the best swim suits designed for your pooch to enjoy the summer splashes. If you’ve organized a dog’s birthday party, expected to be attended by his neighbourhood dog friends, then you can pick a luxury formal suit or tuxedo, accessorized with bow and hat, to ensure that your furry friend charms everyone around. In winter months, dress up your smart buddy in coats and sweaters, track suits, sweat shirts with hoodies. If it’s a female, then dress her up in skirts or party wear with matching hair bands. Whether you have a big dog or a puppy, with evolving fashion trends, you can pick stylish outfits to match your dog’s personality.