One of the greatest job on a sluggish weekend mornings is to make off from the sleep and cook a healthy yummy breakfast. Apart from being delicious, waffles makes a perfect breakfast meal. Preparing waffles is just like making pancakes of mixing the batter, pour into the waffle iron and have a little patience till it gets done and of course not  a tricky task.

Make Ultimate Waffles- Things to be considered

While preparing waffles, care should be taken to get a perfect ones, otherwise your plate would be left over with rejected waffles of undercooked or burnt waffles. What are the things that we should focus while preparing the waffles are

  • Batter should be prepared well in advance before you turn on the mini waffle maker
  • Time taken by the waffle iron to get heated up
  • Spread the batter evenly across the iron
  • Ensure whether all the waffles are evenly cooked
  • Remove the waffles once done before it gets burnt

mini waffle maker

Waffle Maker not just appliance –Much more

Many kitchen will have the waffle machine in the highest cabinets without using it for months unaware about its usages. Mini waffles makers are meant not just only for making waffles but also many recipes you can try for

Mini Waffle Pizza

Prepare a home-made crust, add some toppings as per your choice and put in on the waffle iron. Now your kids can have a quick and delicious pizza.

Choco chip Waffle Cookies

Fill the mini waffle maker with scoops of your favorite batter and cook a little longer than it is usually takes for cooking waffles say about two or three minutes. A yummy, crispy Choco chip waffles cookies are ready to serve as an evening snacks to the kids. Not only it looks appetizing but also tastes really yum.

Make creative use of the mini waffle maker and enjoy a delectable sumptuous meal.