Primarily, the olive oil should originate from fresh olive fruit that were crushed in 24 hours of their crop.Extra-virgin olive oil should be taken out with the help of mechanical tools, not from chemicals or heat. This oil should not be treated with any kind of chemicals. Actually, extra-virgin olive oil is fresh juice of olive. As a fruit, olives have natural antioxidants that safeguard the plant throughout its duration. When the olive-tree is extremely old it has more of important antioxidants.Due to this reason olive trees are very old (approximately 100 years) and produce products rich in antioxidant.Please note that not all kind of olive oil are same, hence it’s vital to buy the correct kind of olive oil. Cold pressed extra-virgin oil is considered as the best.

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Important tips to identify the real extra-virgin oil

Please avoid buying a blend or light olive oil because they are not virgin quality. The real extra-virgin olive oil doesn’t come under the price range of 10 USD. You should only purchase oil in dark containers, because this secures the oil from oxidation. You should better seek the seal from IOC (International Olive-Oil Council). Besides this, you should also seek the date of harvesting on its label. Olive-oil can easily get rancid and old. An easy test for real olive oil is to have a taste of it. A good olive-oil will have some peppery flavor in the back side of your mouth and fruity flavor in the front side of your mouth.

You can also check the authenticity of real olive oil by putting it into the fridge, as suggested by Mountain Town olive oil. According to them you need to place extra-virgin oil into the fridge, and it’ll turn out to be cloudy and thick because it cools totally.