Lot of people has this confusion in mind that when and how often they should get facials done. It depends upon lot many factors like what are your skin type, budget and age. Its ideally advise to get it done once a month but if you are able to find the time for yourself, at least have it done four times a year. You skin needs to rejuvenate and with the accumulation of dead cells it hardly gets nay air to breathe in. It can lead to dullness sometimes. In order to get that youth looking skin back, ask your therapist for the Facial Programs meant for you. Go for some service which you can trust with. There are lot many factors which decides on how often you are required to have spa treatment done. Here is the list:

 Facial Programs

  1. Skin type: What is your skin type is a majoring factor on deciding on Facial Programs. People with oily skin are recommended to have it done once a month whereas other skin type people can take breaks like once in two months.
  2. Skin condition: If you are having issues such as dullness, blackheads, dryness or acne, getting frequent facials can help in coping with the situation. You can ask your therapist on the Facial Programs they are offering for your treatment.
  3. Skin care regime: You face is the reflection on what is going with your life. Getting stress often reflects in your face. Your face can get damaged due to lot many external factors. Taking some time out for yourself and following a skin care regime can help you in maintaining your skin lifetime.
  4. Age: With age, your skin often fails to produce collagen which maintains elasticity in your skin. Getting regular facials can stimulate their growth.
  5. Budget: How often you should get facial depends upon how you can afford it.