Whatever be your outfit, your sterling silver cuff bracelets are the best choice to complement the attire. They give an impressive look to your outfit. These cuff bracelets due to its unique design are valuable and durable. You can find it embedded with stones sometimes or just narrow solid band. As they are valuable they can be given as a token of memory to further generations. And don’t worry about the retaining their look. It taken proper care, they can be maintained and functioned lifetime. Here are some of the care tips which will help you maintain your sterling silver cuff bracelet:

sterling silver cuff bracelet

  1. Wear it properly: These cuff bracelets have opening at one end so it is important to wear them properly. If not fitted to your wrists they can often slip off your hand. Make sure they are properly clamped to your wrists. Remember to get the proper fit to your wrists as these often expand with time. Try getting a silver cuff bracelet with the open ends closer to each other. Else you will end try to drag it closer thus diminishing its functionality.
  2. Store it properly: Make sure to store it properly when you are not using it. Remember not to keep them open as it can lead to oxidizing of the metal. Try keeping it locked up in zip lock bags. Do not keep it along with other jeweler.
  3. Clean it properly: These are quite sensitive metal and can get damaged it hit hard. SO be careful and don’t use any kind of brush to clean it. Clean it with a soft cloth. There are many creams and lotions available for silver metals. Just apply it to the bracelet and clean it with cloth. Don’t rub it hard. Do not experiment any new fixing or cleaning techniques on your own. IF you feel there is any damage, its best to go to a professional.